I like to write poems.  That quote in "The Big Short" is painfully true.

I write them anyway.  If you really like poetry read some of the ones below. If you don't like poetry or you just don't "get it" I understand.  Let's both pretend this never happened.

New Year's Poem


Tonight we live, we have no choice!

We live and breathe and have OUR voice.


We pause to grieve those that have left us.

We wish that they were standing near.

Our hearts grow FIRM as we remember,

Although our eyes may shed a tear.


We live for them.  We live for memories!

The days ahead are OURS to share.

We'll add a host of "remember when wes?"

In many things we do this year.


And with so many loved around us.

And so much we've still left to give.

We reject darkness that may hound us.

And we ALL say, tonight we live!



You know what they say, insert half-truth here.

Oh haven't you heard? It's not yet quite clear?

They told us dream big.  Go reach for the stars.

But that wasn't pleasant.  I'll show you my scars.


They told us don't quit, it just doesn't pay.

That's just what I hear.  You know what they say.

They say that not all is as it appears.

I'm trying to not have unfounded fears.


They told us the future is better for sure.

Then stare at us blankly and say there's no cure.

It sure makes me wonder why we listen to them.

We should spend awake time listening to Him.

Time, My Favorite Fiend


Of all the things we think we know,

The one more words cannot explain.

A favorite thing down here below,

There needn't be the next refrain.


With fearful thought and halting breath,

I come to you my erstwhile friend.

Another line closer to death,

And hurtling toward a certain end.


When I was young and full of you,

I didn't note your subtle smile.

My mind was fresh and yet askew,

I was quite sure we had a while.


But oh! You know.  I see that now.

Perspective changes everything.

All seemed well and then KERPOW!

You went and did that thing you do.


You're fixed and yet you can expand.

It seems quite certain that's a fact.

But as I get to-ward my end,

I ask you please, please not contract.


You don't seemed moved by my distress,

A tick, a tock, no more, no less.

A friend, a foe, something between?

Alas, I give!  My favorite, fiend.